Live By Feelings Not Pain

As a part of the large-scale advertising campaign of the new painkiller NEXT, product of leading Russian pharmaceutical company OTC Pharm, Customview˚team have created a unique project - interactive RPG quest based on 360 panoramic video technology - the objective of which was to deliver main brand message to brand audience - Live by feelings, not pain!
We have filmed a number of short 360 panoramic videos inspired by gangster movies, edited them together and delivered to users with digital player specially programmed for the project by our specialists.
As an additional feature we have integrated Yandex Maps service into the project. User’s IP-address was used to determine geographical location down to the street so the user became a full part of the storyline.  

Client: Pharm Standart
Agency: Adwatch-Isobar
360 video and digital production: Customview˚
Regular video production: Hype Production

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 6.04.42 PM.jpg